Donation Page Friction

It’s what’s killing your online donations

The biggest killer of your online donations is friction.

And if you don’t mitigate your donation page friction, you’ll be turning away valuable donors who would otherwise be willing to support your cause.

What is donation page friction?


Elements on your donation page that slow down visitors and prevent them from giving.

There are many different types of friction that could be slowing donors down on your donation page: 


Decision Friction

Asking donors to decide between too many options.


Confusion Friction

Forcing donors to make a decision they’re not equipped to make.


Field Number Friction

Asking for too much information from your donors.


Steps Friction

Requiring too many clicks, page-loads, and steps to give a gift.

These are just a few of the many different types of friction that could be killing donations on your page.

You have two choices…

Choice #1 – You can ignore the fact that out of the 500+ donation pages we analyzed around the world, 95% had clear elements of friction that have been proven to kill donation rates.

Choice #2 – You can use the two free tools below to find the exact areas on your page that are slowing donors down and get personalized feedback on how to fix them.

Get Data-Driven Ideas to Fix Your Donation Page Friction Problems

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