The Donation Page Friction Study

A look at how friction is impacting the online giving experience of 643 nonprofits

Friction. It’s any element on your donation page that slows down or prevents donors from giving – and one of the biggest killers of online donations.

By developing a 25 question self-assessment tool for nonprofits to discover friction points in their online giving experience, we’ve compiled data to analyze friction in the giving experience of 643 organizations.

In this free benchmark report, you’ll be able to explore 8 types of friction that are killing your donation pages and see real data-driven strategies to reduce this friction and raise more money.

This benchmark study will answer questions like…


  • What are the main elements of friction?
  • Which friction points are the most important to remove or reduce in the online giving experience?
  • What kind of friction is most prevalent in the online giving experience?

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